Impact Awards

Impact bonus awards are FAS performance bonuses used to recognize and reward truly outstanding, sustained superior performance and exceptional effectiveness. The intention of the impact award program is to recognize a small number of eligible FAS staff (approximately 15%). Each FAS division/area will be allotted a certain percentage of impact bonus awards based on the number of eligible FAS staff in each division/area.  FAS managers should recommend eligible employees for an award based on employee performance in FY16 that meets or exceeds the following criteria:

A strong collaborator who has consistently exhibited sustained, superior performance with exceptional effectiveness. Given the employee’s professional conduct and the results produced, she/he is recognized as a role model in her/his position. Someone who delivered contributions that were visible, measurable and broadly acknowledged by colleagues. This individual demonstrates a high degree of good citizenship and an exemplary work ethic to meet the objectives of her or his area and of FAS. This person’s performance consistently surpassed expectations in the face of significant challenges in FY16.

FAS staff members eligible for 2016 Impact Bonus Awards are:  

  • Benefits-eligible, full-time or part-time staff (a pro-rated amount will be awarded to part-time employees)
  • Exempt or non-HUCTW, non-exempt staff (HUCTW employees are not eligible)
  • Hired as of July 1, 2015
  • Pay grades 47 through 61

Impact award recommendations must be submitted online between Monday, May 2, 2016 and Tuesday, May 31, 2016 using this form.