Checklist for FAS Employees

Prior to Coming to Campus

  1. Review the EH&S Covid safety document and guidance for on-campus activity page on the EH&S website that describes important things for you to be aware of pertaining to COVID safety on campus. Also review the, University Coronavirus information page and FAQs.
  2. Discuss your work schedule and health and safety protocols for your location (including the location of Covid-19 tests and masks in your office, cleaning protocols for your own workspace and communal workspaces such as restrooms and kitchens) with your manager or department administrator.
  3. Submit your verification of vaccination information to Harvard University Health Service (HUHS). 
  4. If you have concerns about returning to work, talk to your manager, department administrator and/or HR Consultant
  5. Login to Crimson Clear using your Harvard Key to check your testing cadence. Crimson Clear is now used to display your vaccination status and testing cadence. If you have not already reported your vaccination status, you can use Crimson Clear to report your vaccination status or report an exemption.

    Note: All unvaccinated individuals will be reminded of the additional public health measures they will be subject to (e.g. additional testing and/or masking) 

    Create your Color account on or after Aug. 2, 2021. Your Color account is used for COVID testing, tracing, and obtaining your results. Individuals in Harvard’s testing program receive text and email notifications when it is their day to test and when they fall behind on testing. Use your Harvard email address when setting up your Color account. Please review the detailed instructions on activating your Color account.

    Color notifications do not begin until after the first test.
  6. Upon resuming regular on-campus work or activities, vaccinated returning staff will test once per week. Please plan accordingly. Please see Keep Harvard Healthy – Testing & Tracing for more details on testing cadences, or check your cadence in Crimson Clear.
  7. If you are due for a COVID test (generally every week for staff), plan to collect and drop off a sample on campus. The test kit contains instructions for collections and you may refer to the Self-Administration of COVID-19 Test training on the Harvard Training Portal. Drop off bins are located throughout campus.
  8. Plan your commute to campus. Resources are available at Harvard Transportation & Parking

Every Day Before Coming to Campus 

  1. Check your Color test results and confirm your last test was negative. 
  2. Assess your health for the day. If you are not feeling well, stay home and let your manager know. If you are not well or are unsure, answer the questions on Crimson Clear and HUHS will contact you if you are not cleared. You do not need to complete Crimson Clear if you feel well.
  3. Bring a University-approved face covering with you to campus or be prepared to obtain one on campus. Your department will provide Harvard approved face masks. Please note: Masks are required indoors regardless of your vaccination status. While on campus, masks are required outdoors for unvaccinated individuals.

While on Campus

  1. If you are due for a COVID test (generally every week for staff) collect and drop off a sample. The test kit contains instructions for collections and you may refer to the Self-Administration of COVID-19 Test training on the Harvard Training Portal. Drop off bins are located throughout campus. 
  2. Wear a University-approved face covering whenever indoors in accordance with University and FAS policies
  3. Follow required health and safety protocols for your local unit as outlined by your manager or department administrator. While social distancing is no longer required for indoor and outdoor interactions, please be mindful of those around you and their preferences for personal space. Ask your manager or Department Administrator for guidance on designated spaces for eating and drinking indoors. 
  4. Stay informed on COVID-19-related updates while you’re working on campus. HUHS will provide updates and FAQs on their return to campus updates page. For additional information on COVID safety refer to FAS Return to Campus resources and the EH&S COVID webpage