Checklist for FAS Managers and Department Administrators

Prior to Coming to Campus

  1. Determine staff presence on campus due to business and dynamic work schedules. Tools for planning staff return to campus are available on the FAS Return to Campus Planning page.
  2. While masking is optional, departments can choose to order masks through WB Mason.
    • Masks ONLY should be charged to Tub.Org.6640.Fund.600159.0004.00000. Admin Ops will reimburse departments for mask charges quarterly.
    • FAS approved masks are item # NWLMASK3PLYDIS in WB Mason, and can be found by selecting Favorites > Masks and Gloves items within the WB Mason punch out store in Buy2Pay.  
    • FAS Department Administrators should discuss cleaning supply needs with building managers.
  3. Share appropriate resources with staff who will be working on campus, such as:
  4. Address employee concerns, if any, regarding protocols for on campus work in general and specific to their locations. Contact your HR Consultant for guidance if staff member has concerns about returning to campus.

While on Campus

  1. Continue to monitor the University Coronavirus information page and the FAS Return to Campus Planning page to ensure that you and your staff have the most up-to-date guidance and policies.