Performance Management

FY17 Performance Management

Performance management provides FAS staff and managers dedicated time to reflect on progress, clarify expectations, and discuss priorities and potential career paths. Performance management is intended to foster staff member’s individual success, to engage managers in the development of their staff, and to support the priorities and goals of the FAS.

The most important part of the performance review process is the conversation between managers and employees. This year, in addition to the existing PeopleSoft approach, the FAS is piloting a more simplified option to performance management (outside of the PeopleSoft system). This pilot is in response to feedback from a range of FAS colleagues and reflects the efforts of a University-wide initiative to “rethink” performance management across Harvard.

The timeline for this year's performance management (for both PeopleSoft and the pilot template) will extend from June 1 to September 1, 2017. Information on both the pilot template and the PeopleSoft form can be found below:

FAS administrative deans and leaders are aware of the performance management options for this year and will communicate additional details to the staff and managers in their divisions and units as to how they will proceed.