Harvard-Wide: Finding Renewed Focus on Your Career


Friday, January 28, 2022, 10:00am to 11:30am



Finding Renewed Focus on Your Career

Coming through a global pandemic required everyone to work differently and on a scale never before thought possible.   For most, during this time of uncertainty there wasn’t energy, time or focus to consider career aspirations. Now we can begin to  have perspective and to ask questions such as “What matters  to me most to in work and in life?”  “How have my career goals shifted from what they were pre-pandemic?” and “How do I focus on creating next step career goals?”
This 90-minute session will provide a framework to help you begin to focus on your present and future career goals.  Through assessments, exercises and small group discussion you will:

  • Explore your current values and interests underpinning your career goals
  • Identify the most significant skills and knowledge you gained as a result of the pandemic and remote work
  • Identify and set at least two possible career goals that will move your career in a particular area of focus.