FAS HR Talent Share Program

The FAS Talent Share Program connects available FAS staff impacted by a reduction in workload with other FAS departments who have temporary / short term needs during this COVID-19 period. The program also provides FAS employees potential career growth, advancement opportunities and exposure to other FAS departments, managers and divisions.

FAS Recruitment Services will work with FAS managers who submit Requests for Talent and FAS Managers who have employees available and interested in temporarily lending their skills and making connections with other FAS Departments to match their mutual needs.

One of the most important things we can do is use our talent in the highest and best way and take the opportunity to share talent across the organization. The decisions to request or share talent should be based where there is work and on workloads. We encourage participation from employees of diverse backgrounds, experiences and skill levels.

Request Talent

Prior to submitting a request for talent, managers should first review their needs with their FAS HR Consultant.

Prior to making any request think about the following:

  • How critical your need is
  • A summary of the work, skills and experience needed to complete the assignment
  • How many hours each week you will need the requested talent
  • Duration of assignment
  • What type of onboarding will be needed (training, systems access, etc.)
  • How much are you able share in the funding for this resource

After submitting your request you will be contacted by an FAS Recruitment Consultant within one business day.

Share Talent

Managers should first have a discussion with the employee about participating in FAS Talent Share. When mutual interest is established, the manager should then complete a Share Talent Form.

Only managers and supervisors are able to share talent. If you are an FAS employee who would like to participate in the FAS Talent Share please discuss with your supervisor.

Prior to sharing talent think about the following:

  • Determine the amount of time the employee will have to lend to another department
  • Identify the skills, experience and strengths of the employee to include in the Share Talent submittal

Talent Share Opportunities


Project Title: Event Planner

Project Code: 006

Department: Division of Continuing Education, Academic Computing



Tech Event Planner Comm Specialist (Initial contact with the instructor)
PDP is a professional event, therefore requires a form of communication to protect the product at all times and must communicate expectations across all departments.
Pre-written email with relevant times and provide key recommendations for having a successful program.
Generate key contents for distribution with recommended time frames for presenters and participants to complete.
Determine best way to communicate with the Presenter and Participant pre-event (Confirm number of participants and best practices to make sure they are ready on the day of the event).
Communicate programs workflow to the participant and potentially use short video or in the course introduction. Goal is to provide a sneak peek into the participant agenda by highlighting the flow of the program and establishing a more human element to allow participants to keep in touch.
During the event: Plan daily welcome, close messages, and collect participant feedback on the support (Breakout rooms, audio, video, etc.) Understand the impact of the technology used to support the program.
Communicate Ad hoc incidents due technical challenges, change in schedule, instructor technical concerns, or participants unable to get into a room, etc.
Explain a clear guideline for supporting PDP and what to expect in the near future.
Must work in a team to create a verbal and visual structure. Participants: Introduction with personal photo or short bios.
Attendees: Introduction with Company or short bios.
Operation Scheduler
Schedule day-to-day operational activities such as; time of event and preparation time to insure everyone is or will be available for an event months prior and also provide a clear back-up plan in case staff become unavailable due to any sort of emergency.
Communication bridge
Coordinate schedule of all staff and their availability.
 Meet with instructors for tech check
Available time for equipment delivery
Confirm time for equipment return
Confirm time for equipment set-up and test.
Schedule a meeting time with other groups.
Schedule and coordinate timeline of when equipment will get from the logistics team, to PDP specialize location whom we determine will be room 203 at the moment. Once equipment is identified, tested and made available to ship. This individual must understand the time it will require for these items to travel to the destination.
Working with the presenter in finding a specific time to have equipment delivered.
Track and send biweekly updates of inventory to confirm we have the necessary equipment available for upcoming events.
Day of support staffing


Skills Necessary to Perform Work:

Reliable Internet Connection
Professional Attire Require
Strong Communication
Detailed Oriented
Calendar Management
Ability to work under pressure


Approximate number of hours needed per week:

25-35 hours


Can this work be performed remotely?






Project Title: Instructional Support Specialist

Project Code: 003

Department: Language Center



We need temporary support in building teaching and learning elements (modules, assessments, discussions, etc.) in Canvas for languages other than English. This work should take place over the course of the summer, ending in early September.


Skills Necessary to Perform Work:

Knowledge of Canvas; teaching experience preferred; ability to write in a language other than English.


Approximate number of hours needed per week:

10 hours


Can this work be performed remotely?






Project Title: Program Delivery Coordinator

Project Code: 002

Department: Professional Development Programs (PDP), Division of Continuing Education



Responding to high-volume participant inquiries in Salesforce, i.e. general program information, refunds, transfers, registration issues, pre-reading questions, etc. Working in Certain registration system to process refunds and transfers. Escalating participant issues as needed. May order pre-readings and support online sessions.


Skills Necessary to Perform Work:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Ability to juggle differing responsibilities at one time
  • Easy-going nature and willingness to be flexible
  • Quick learner
  • Familiarity with Certain a plus
  • Knowledge of Salesforce highly desired


Approximate number of hours needed per week:

35 hours


Can this work be performed remotely?






Project Title: Staff Assistant

Project Code: 001

Department: Phillips Brooks House (PBH)



Phillips Brooks House (PBH) is looking to hire one or two part-time staff assistants to work with the Assistant Dean of Civic Engagement and Service in supporting summer programs and Fall planning. Staff assistants will provide critical support for Harvard’s Global Day of Service on September 12th, 2020, departmental communications and publications, along with providing programmatic and administrative support as needed.


Skills Necessary to Perform Work:

  • Multi-tasking capabilities
  • Strong communications, writing and organization skills
  • Event planning experience
  • Team player
  • Strong Excel and other CRM-based software skills
  • Strong customer service skills


Approximate number of hours needed per week:

No more than 14 hours


Can this work be performed remotely?






What is this program?
The Talent Share program (“Talent Share”) connects available FAS staff impacted by a reduction in workload with other FAS departments who have increased short term work needs they are unable to address. Please consider this option before hiring an external temp or LHT.

What is the benefit of participating in Talent Share?
This program provides benefits to both employees and managers:

  • Provides employees with the chance to learn new things and to gain exposure to new departments, managers, and divisions.
  • Allows for employees to continue to work at current capacity.
  • Provides resource options for departments who may already be understaffed or have projects impacted (with increased work) due to COVID-19

Who is eligible to participate?
Current benefits eligible employees, LHTs  or Harvard Temps who are in good standing are eligible to participate.

How does Talent Share work?
The program works by simply identifying and matching employees who have bandwidth with departments where staffing is short and/or where work needs have increased.  Talent Share allows FAS managers with underutilized employee(s) to connect with other FAS managers with increased work needs, so those needs can be filled on a temporary basis.

How do I request talent?
When a requesting manager identifies their needs, they should review the information with their FAS HR Consultant prior to requesting talent. A request for talent can be made by completing a Request for Talent form. The Request for Talent form can also be found on the FAS HR Website.

How do I go about sharing talent?
The first step for a sharing manager is to have a discussion with the employee about participating in the program.  When mutual interest is established, the sharing manager should then complete a Share Talent Form.

Who is facilitating this program?
FAS Recruitment Services will work with FAS managers to help manage the process of requesting and sharing talent.

Who is responsible for salary?
The department requesting the talent and the department supplying the talent will share the funding equally or at percentage amounts to which both agree.

If employees are asked to participate in Talent Share, do they have to say yes?
No, employees are not required to participate in the program.  We hope employees will see Talent Share as an opportunity to learn about other FAS departments/units and as a chance to develop new skills and capabilities.

What type of onboarding or training will a participating employee receive?
The department requesting talent will be responsible for any onboarding and training that is needed.

What is the minimum and maximum term of an assignment?
Assignments can vary in length, depending on the need.  Assignments can also end at any time due to a change in needs. It is recommended that an assignment should not last more than six months.

Who is the employee’s manager while I am participating in this program?
The sharing manager will continue to be the manager of record. For employees deployed on Talent Share, the requesting manager will provide business direction, on-the-job training and performance feedback. 

Will the participating employee’s salary or grade level change?
Employees will see no changes in reporting structure, grade or salary. 

What if a manager wants to turn a talent share candidate into a permanent hire? Can this happen?
While we recognize that this situation may arise, decisions can be made on a case by case basis. Transitioning an employee on Talent Share into a permanent employee (within the requesting department) will require approval through the Critical Process Review (CPR).  We suggest contacting your FAS HR Consultant if you would like to hire a Talent Share employee for a permanent or term position.

Is a Critical Position Review Form (CPR) required to request talent?
No, a CPR will not be required to request talent through FAS Talent Share.