Orientation and Review Period

If I transfer from a temporary (non-benefited) position to a regular benefits-eligible position, do I have to go through another O & R Period?

If you are hired in a temporary or less than half-time position and the position is later converted into a regular benefited job of the same role and without an interruption in service, then the applicable O & R Period will include prior credit for your temporary or less than half-time service in that prior job. But yes, you would still be required to successfully complete the applicable O & R Period.

If I transfer to another job within Harvard do I have to go through another O & R Period?

When a non-HUCTW staff member transfers from a position in one department at Harvard to a position in another department at Harvard, there will be a new O & R Period.

When an HUCTW member transfers into another HUCTW position, they are not subject to a new O & R Period. HUCTW members must be in his or her current position for at least six months on the regular payroll and meeting current job standards to be eligible to transfer.

Can my manager extend my O & R Period?

In certain instances, 90 days may not be sufficient to evaluate your suitability for the role and vice versa, due to unavoidable time out of the office (due to sickness, manager travel, etc.) by either you or your manager. Given this, circumstances may call for an extension of your O & R Period of up to 90 days (total of 180 days). The terms of the extension should be discussed in advance by your manager and HR consultant, and signed and acknowledged by you in writing.

Can I take paid time off during my O & R Period?

Although PTO (Paid Time Off – vacation, personal and sick days) begins to accrue immediately upon hire, you are not eligible to take vacation or personal days during the O & R Period except with the prior approval of your manager.