After Your First Week

Within your first month...

  • Sign up for your benefits.  An enrollment guide will be mailed to your home address shortly after you are hired.  If you do not receive this packet within a week of your first day at work, call the Benefits Services Group at 617-496-4001.  You have 30 days from your date of hire to make your benefits choices.  You can enroll for your benefits using PeopleSoft, by following these instructions.
  • Determine your training needs and learning goals.  You and your manager should discuss what you will need to learn in order to be successful in your job.  This might include getting to know people in your department or throughout FAS, Harvard, and beyond, as well as familiarizing yourself with programs, policies and procedures, and software applications.  You might also begin to explore the offerings of the Center for Workplace Development (CWD), which provides high-quality classroom instruction and online learning for management, career, and skill development.
  • Explore Harvard's intranets.  Not only is there a Harvard-wide intranet for the University community as a whole, but most schools have their own school-specific intranet to serve their employees
  • HARVie is Harvard's University-wide Intranet for employees.  It is extremely comprehensive and is well worth exploring.  The page for new employees may be especially helpful to you.  HARVie is accessed by login with a Harvard ID number and HarvardKey.
  • The FAS website offers a wealth of information, resources, and links that are both specific to the FAS and relevant to all Harvard employees.

Within your first two months...

  • Talk to your manager about how you are doing.  For most employees, the first 90 days of employment is an orientation and review (O&R) period. This should be the beginning of an ongoing conversation between you and your manager about your performance and experience on the job.  If your manager does not initiate this conversation, feel free to begin it yourself.  If you need coaching or support in having this conversation, connect with your HR Consultant.  Find out more about FAS' approach to the performance management cycle.