FAS Diversity Talent Acquisition Services

Diversity and Inclusion: Our Commitment

The FAS is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace community that is as diverse as our student and global communities, where all may feel at home, whatever their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, faith, abilities, or work status (whether managerial, administrative, or union staff).  We know that our work can only be enriched by the varied origins, experiences, and perspectives of the people who comprise the FAS - so we partner with FAS departments to recruit, welcome, train, develop, and retain and talented and diverse staff.

Partner with FAS Recruitment Services

The FAS HR Diversity Talent Acquisition Consultant will partner with hiring managers to broaden the FAS candidate pools. 

After conferring with the department, the Diversity Talent Acquisition Consultant will recommend the use of specific tools and outreach strategies such as:

  • Sourcing candidates through ASPIRE
  • Posting on job boards
  • Sponsoring professional association events
  • Hosting networking opportunities
  • Making candidate referrals
  • Maximizing social media

The Diversity Talent Acquisition Consultant routinely attends networking events and conducts informational interviews on behalf of the FAS. To take advantage of these outreach opportunities, we recommend that you contact the Diversity Talent Acquisition Consultant as early in the hiring process as possible.

FAS Hiring Resources

Getting the right person into the right job is the one of the most important things you can do as a manager.  FAS HR offers a number of resources to assist you:

FAS Staff Hiring Toolkit

Our online Staff Hiring Toolkit will guide you through the decisions, actions, and processes that go into developing a diverse candidate pool.  The Toolkit will also help you navigate the recruitment and hiring process, from job posting to on-boarding new employees.

Online Postings  

Online posting sites are a cost-effective option for publicizing your job openings to potential candidates.  The Diversity Talent Acquisition Consultant will put together a customized online posting proposal based on your budget and specific job requirements.  A sampling of diversity sites are as follows:

Social Media  

Using social media as a recruitment strategy on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook, can reach a large number of qualified and passive job seekers.  Consult with the FAS Recruitment Services team to find out if this strategy is a good approach for your job opening.