Managing Work/Life

We count on you, and it's likely that others do, too.  When you come to work each day, you don't stop being a parent or guardian, or the child of an elderly relative, or the partner or sibling of an adult who needs care.  Harvard offers an array of resources to make your balancing act a bit easier.

Parenthood and Childcare

Visit the following sections on HARVie for more information on parenthood and childcare:

  • Adoption Resources includes information on the Harvard Adoption Assistance Plan, and a listing of local, state, and national resources.
  • Lactation Support includes information on lactation support and related resources at the University.
  • Childcare at Harvard contains a wealth of information on childcare options, financial assistance for childcare, schools, and summer camps.

Elder Care/Adult Care

Visit HARVie's Caring for Elders & Other Adults section for information on back-up care and other resources.

Flexible Schedules

The time you spend at work should not prevent you from attending to your personal responsibilities and interests.  As much as possible, we encourage employees and their managers to work together to customize schedules through flexible work arrangements.

Pet Care

If your pet matters to you, they matter to us. Harvard's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may be able to help you meet your pet's needs.