Position Management Process

To request other changes to a position that have potential impact on financial or headcount, a Position Management Form (PMF) should be submitted to your HR Consultant. PMFs are required for the following requests:

  • Creation of a new position (term or permanent)
  • Term appointment extension
  • Changing a term position to a permanent position
  • Increase in FTE
  • Equity increases (in-grade or related to a reclassification)
  • Vacancy/Change in Classification

PMFs should be started at the department level. Then it should sent to the FAS HR consultant, who completes the form and sends it along to the FAS budget analyst and back to HR for Ad Dean approval. Depending on the type of people-related request it may need additional approval by the Dean of Administration and Finance and/or Dean of FAS.

If requests are both 100% sponsored (100000-299999) or faculty start-up funding (ie. 000770, 000775) and term congruent with available funding, the PMF can be submitted as a Fast Track. For certain entry-level lab positions, you can use the combined PMF/CRF.

For all people-related requests, make sure to include the following information as part of the Business Purpose:

  • Reasoning for why the change is needed.
  • Benefit that will result if this request is approved.
  • What will happen if the request is not approved; describe the risk that will result.
  • All funding sources. If the request was not previously included in the budget, explain why.

Approval Process for Position Management

Managers initiate the approval process by submitting a Position Management Form to their HR Consultant. FAS Finance reviews and confirms the financial information provided.

Approval Process for People Related Requests_June 2017