Independent Contractors (including Guest Speakers and Lecturers)

Independent Contract Policy Training - Now Available (Instructor-Led and Web-Based)
The Office of the Controller's Financial Policy and Compliance Team is excited to share that Independent Contract Policy Training is Now Available.  The course offerings are available as Web-based as well as an Instructor Led Workshops. Please review course details as well as enrolment instructions. Read more.

If you are interested in obtaining IC status, first review the Harvard University IC Policy. If your request aligns with the IC criteria, then follow the IC request policy and process:

If your request does not align with the IC criteria, then consider other payment options:

Keep in mind:

  • Your HR Consultant should be your first point of contact for IC requests. They can help you think through your needs and which payment options are the most appropriate.
  • Plan ahead. It takes time to fill out the IC forms and receive a decision. Since IC status is to be granted before services are performed, the sooner you plan ahead (when possible) the better.
  • On the Questionnaire: 1) Do not skip questions. If you are uncertain on how to respond, check-in with your HR Consultant. 2) Sign the form. IC Questionnaires without a signature will be returned to the department. Electronic signatures are acceptable.
  • There is risk associated with incorrect IC designations. If an IC is incorrectly classified, regardless of knowledge or intent, there are significant financial penalties.