Why Performance Management Matters

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is committed to evolving and thriving as we meet the standard of excellence for which we are known.  Because our sustained success depends on the individual and collective contributions of employees, we challenge each employee to make the same commitment: to strive for individual excellence and growth, while bringing their best efforts to our collective work at the FAS.  Our Performance Management Initiative is designed to keep all members of the FAS community—managers and staff alike—engaged, focused, and aware.

The most important thing to know about the Performance Management process is that it really is "all about you" - how you feel about your job, how others feel about the job you're doing, and where you'd like to go from here. Use this process as an opportunity to reflect, to hear, and to be heard.


Goal Setting


Types of Goals

  • Organizational Goals represent the planning that has been done at the school and unit levels to support their priorities.
  • Job and Performance Goals are the key goals you plan on accomplishing this year.
  • Professional Growth and Development Goals include training courses, classes, and/or on-the-job projects you plan on taking or doing to improve your skills in your current position.

Why Goal Setting Matters

Well-defined goals provide employees and managers with a roadmap to focus their daily efforts most effectively. Goal setting also enables employees to set a path towards their next career move, whether in the direction of greater fulfillment within their current area, or to another role that challenges them to reach their full potential.  

When the employee and manager set clear goals together, they minimize the likelihood of the employee having performance issues later on.

From the employee's standpoint...

When there is a clear understanding of what you need to do, it is much easier to contribute and to be successful.

From the manager's standpoint...

It is much easier to evaluate how your employee has performed when you have made clear what it is you expect from them.