FAS HR at a Glance

Harvard campus buildingThe largest division of the University, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning and fostering groundbreaking research and discovery.

Whatever position you hold at the FAS, we know you are here to make a difference–to our students, our colleagues, the arts and sciences, and the many communities we all inhabit.

The FAS HR team is dedicated to helping FAS staff and managers thrive in their roles and in this dynamic academic environment. Below, please see information on FAS HR: our mission, our values, our priorities, and a few of our key projects and contacts.

FAS HR Mission

To attract, develop and engage a diverse staff committed to excellence and mutual respect, in support of the FAS teaching and research mission.

FAS HR Strategic Priorities

  • Cultivate a Collaborative, Adaptable and Inclusive FAS Community
  • Continue to Strengthen the FAS Management Culture
  • Identify and Develop FAS Talent and Leadership
  • Focus on Organizational Compliance to Reduce FAS Risk

FAS HR Values

Make FAS Better: Small efforts can have a big impact. We all contribute to making FAS a better place to work, teach and learn.

Do the Right Thing: We are committed to finding a balance between what’s in the best interests of the individual and the organization, even when it’s hard to do.

Be a Partner: HR works best when we partner with each other, our FAS colleagues, and other parts of Harvard.

Keep It Real: While caring and respectful, we also have the courage to be direct and authentic in how we communicate and interact with our clients and with each other.

FAS HR Goals

  • Implement a targeted recruitment strategy to diversify FAS staff, identify and reduce the influence of unconscious bias in hiring decisions, and communicate FAS’ commitment to diversity in a manner that is welcoming and appealing to diverse job applicants, with a special focus on VERIP replacements, senior positions and critical roles with high visibility.
  • Partner with FAS colleagues on Return to Campus Planning, keeping a specific focus on DIB for staff, as it relates to the framework and guidelines that are developed.
  • Embed FAS's diversity commitment into all policies, practices and FAS HR materials, including but not limited to job descriptions and postings, access to FAS HR services and resources, employee communications and the FAS HR website, and adjust, add or eliminate as appropriate.
  • Track and interpret relevant DIB metrics and measure progress in several key areas; increase transparency and accessibility to the FAS community regarding DIB metrics and measures.
  • In partnership with the FAS DIB office, offer DIB training, education, and awareness to all FAS HR staff, and engage with FAS HR staff on DIB related professional development opportunities.

FAS HR Org Chart

Our FAS HR org chart is available to view below. A PDF version of the org chart is also available.

FAS HR Org Chart

FAS HR Contacts

Complete FAS HR staff contact information is available on the People section of our website. You can also view FAS HR staff by team by selecting a group in the toolbar on the left.

If you're looking for your department's HR Consulting Support, you can view by department/center.

FAS HR Contacts by Area

FAS HR Contacts by Area