Performance Management

FY18 Performance Management

Performance management provides FAS staff and managers dedicated time to reflect on progress, clarify expectations, and discuss priorities and potential career paths. Performance management is intended to foster staff member’s individual success, to engage managers in the development of their staff, and to support the priorities and goals of the FAS.

For FY18, performance management has begun to shift from a one-time annual conversation to ongoing coaching conversations throughout the year. In the past, meaningful guidance was given once a year, during the performance review conversation. Moving forward, managers and staff will work to frequently give and receive feedback and guidance throughout the year.

Performance management forms, materials, and resources:


We understand that you may have questions and need additional guidance as the University as a whole pilots this new approach for giving and receiving performance feedback in FY18. Additional guidance will become available as this pilot unfolds. If you have questions or need more information, please reach out to your HR consultant.