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FY19 Performance Management
Updates for This Year
Performance Management Resources

FY19 Performance Management

Performance management provides FAS staff and managers dedicated time to reflect on progress, clarify expectations, and discuss priorities and potential career paths. Performance management is intended to foster staff member’s individual success, to engage managers in the development of their staff, and to support the priorities and goals of the FAS.

As in previous years, performance management is comprised of two basic parts:

The What: Continuous coaching conversations throughout the year
The How: Tracking of highlights of continuing conversations, to set priorities and goals, and summarizing themes at the end of the academic year.

Updates for This Year

What is the same as FY18:
  • Staff should set goals/priorities in the “priorities” tab. Most staff set their FY19 priorities last fall.
  • Ongoing conversations throughout the year between managers and staff.
  • Final summary conversation (formerly known as the annual review).
What is new in FY19:
  • Substantial changes to the PeopleSoft form to simplify and streamline. The form is now built into PeopleSoft instead of being a separate Word document that is uploaded. 
  • New tabs along the top of the performance document in PeopleSoft for easier navigation.
  • Due to the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act (MEPA), managers will assign performance ratings this year.

Performance Management Resources


We understand that you may need additional guidance about the performance review process. If you have questions or need more information, please reach out to your HR consultant.