Resources for Managers

At the FAS, we understand that managing presents unique challenges and ever-changing circumstances.  HR is available to help you with your short-term needs and long-terms goals for yourself, your staff, and for the FAS.  Please take advantage of the services and resources available to you as a manager at Harvard.

  • Your HR Consultant is truly your partner when it comes to addressing all types of workplace matters, providing guidance, advice, and answers that are informed by a deep understanding of FAS managers' particular business needs and challenges.  They are available to guide and coach you on matters such as recruitment, employee relations, organizational development, new employee on-boarding, compensation, retention, and career development.  They may also connect you with existing resources within the FAS or across all of Harvard to ensure that your needs are met.
  • Harvard ManageMentor provides dozens of online learning modules for fostering management skills and applying them on the job immediately.  Each module supplies practical advice, downloadable tools, and step-by-step guides to daily management responsibilities, from running a meeting to developing a strategy.
  • Consultants at the Center for Workplace Development (CWD) and the Harvard's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are also available to help managers concerned about workplace issues.  While your HR Consultant is the best starting point for assistance, you can also call the EAP to discuss issues large or small.  In addition, where appropriate, your HR Consultant may connect you with CWD, which provides internal consulting to assess needs and define strategies to enhance the performance of individuals, teams and departments.  

Developing as a Leader 

These resources help managers develop competencies for far-ranging results.

  • The Harvard Leadership Development Program helps employees transform from competent contributors to leaders capable of reinventing Harvard for the future.  Please be sure to contact your Department Administrator or FAS HR Consultant if you are interested in participating in this program.
  • Leadership Coaching services through CWD are available for top-performing mid-to-senior-level managers.  Coaching helps employees become more effective in their current roles and prepare for upcoming challenges.  Please contact your HR Consultant for information about coaching services.
  • Listen to this 8-minute podcast on the spot coaching approach and how ongoing conversations with staff can help the performance management process. Read a transcript of the spot coaching podcast. 

Workforce Planning and Organizational Redesign Tools

Organizational redesign tools are available to help FAS leaders and managers evaluate their organizational needs and strategic priorities within their units, especially during times of change. As part of the 2022 budget planning process, HR Consultants are asked to partner with their FAS leaders and financial analysts to formally include workplace planning in the budget conversations that take place.

Personnel Manuals

These manuals provide University-wide information to guide you and your staff.