Departing FAS

Just as starting a new job at FAS takes time and consideration for new employees, the departure process gives departing FAS employees and their managers the opportunity to share information, process essential paperwork, and make the transition as smooth as possible. This ensures that employees and managers are prepared for an employee’s last day of work at FAS.

Resources for managers and Department Administrators on supporting departing employees and transition planning are also available.


Whether you’re retiring, relocating, pursuing opportunities outside Harvard, or transferring to another Harvard school, the departure process begins when you notify your manager and department administrator of your departure.

Employees who voluntarily resign are expected to give a minimum of two weeks' notice to their manager and, depending on the circumstances, a longer notice period may be appropriate. While you may want to tell your manager and DA in person, please also provide notice in writing, which should include your intended departure date. This will allow you and your manager to submit all necessary paperwork and to develop a transition plan.

Employee Exit Checklist

All necessary steps you should take prior to leaving your position are listed in the FAS Employee Exit Checklist. This includes information about reporting time and absences, preserving necessary data, providing contact info for after your last day, and more.

Please also review the information about employment verification. Harvard uses the Work Number, an outside service that provides secure personal verification during the application process for a new job, mortgage, or loan, should such verification be needed.


If you’re leaving Harvard, you should contact the Benefits Office with any questions about your benefits and/or to obtain COBRA information. In order to receive timely information after your departure, please ensure your address is accurate in PeopleSoft.

Vacation days that are accrued and unused will be paid to you when you leave Harvard. You may be able to defer some or all of your unused vacation days into your Tax-Deferred Annuity (TDA) Plan account. If you elect to defer, you will not pay Federal or State taxes on that amount until you withdraw it from your TDA Plan account at a later date. The Salary Reduction Agreement/Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan form must be completed and returned to your HR Coordinator prior to your separation date. Accrued and unused sick time will not be paid out upon your departure.

You can also learn more about your benefits when you leave Harvard or when you retire. This includes information related to medical, dental, and vision coverage, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and more.

Harvard Accounts and Technology

If you are leaving the University, access to your email, calendar, and FAS online resources will be disabled upon your designated departure date. This includes:

  • 0365 email/calendar, including Sharepoint, OneDrive
  • Google Email, Google Drive and Google Apps
  • Shared network drives
  • FAS Account, including unix homedir
  • VPN access
  • Authorization access to financial and administrative applications, including library resources and intranets

HarvardKey credentials will continue to work, but most applications and resources are restricted to active affiliates only.

Access to PeopleSoft for former employees (with the exception of retirees) ends 90 days after the final day of employment. Former employees who did not receive a W-2 may find more information here. For more information regarding W-2s and other financial situations, please review the Central Payroll contact page.

More information about access to Harvard accounts after departure can be found here.

Transition of Knowledge and Materials

Departing employees should set aside time to review work-related information and materials, and copy or transfer ownership of these materials to your manager, department administrator, or other coworkers as appropriate. This includes copying or transferring ownership of:

  • relevant documents
  • work-related data
  • digital materials on OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, personal folders on an FAS shared drive, etc.
  • login information for department/group accounts, such as for Mailchimp or Amazon

Employees should transfer essential department files to their department administrator, manager, or a colleague.

Also make sure to return all Harvard property including your Harvard ID card, keys, cell phone, laptop computer, PCard, iPad, or Corporate Card, and any other Harvard property prior to leaving, to your manager or department administrator. This includes any property that you might have taken (such as a chair, laptop stand, etc.) to work remotely.


Department Card Administrator Changes

When changing administrators for your Department Card,  please make sure you do the following:

Tasks for Outgoing Card Administrator:


  • Card PIN
  • CitiManager User ID
  • CitiManager Security Questions

Tasks for New Card Administrator:

  • Complete Department Card Application with information of New Administrator (check box indicating “Change in Department Card Administrator”) and email to
  • Complete Concur Access Request Form to assign Delegate exception access and send to This will give you the ability to submit the Department Card report in Concur.

  • Access Department Card Account in Citi Manager and under “Profile” update the following information with that of the new Department Card Administrator:
  1. E-mail address
  2. Phone number
  3. Mobile phone
  4. Contact address
  5. (Reset) Security Questions


Exit Interview

As part of the exit process, we ask that departing employees share their thoughts and experiences with us. This information allows us to better understand the employee experience across FAS.

Departing employees will be invited to participate, either by phone or in person, in a confidential conversation with FAS HR. We strongly encourage you to schedule time to talk with FAS HR prior to your last day of work.