Managing at FAS

Looking for resources on managing remote teams? Find a compilation of courses and trainings on managing virtually on our Remote and Flexwork page. 

As a manager at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, your role is crucial to your staff's and to the FAS' success. Your judgment steers our hiring decisions, and your support and encouragement help employees become familiar and engaged with the FAS community. Day by day, your actions and leadership motivate and guide your staff to excel at their jobs and pursue their goals. Your commitment to both the FAS and your staff is vital to maintaining the productive and rewarding community that drew you and others to our School.

We recognize that you have many responsibilities in addition to those of being a manager. For this reason, we're happy to provide tools and resources (including consultation with your HR Consultant at any time) to help you supervise and lead those who report to you. On these pages you will find help in handling the administrative details of managing. Also, because we look to today's managers to transform and lead the FAS into the future, we offer Leadership Development programs especially geared toward managers.