Position Request and Review

Position-related changes are requested through the Position Request Portal (PREP). See below for information on when to submit a position request, required approvals, and other resources.

Position Review Process

When to Use PREP

The PREP process applies to the following:

  • Requesting a classification or reclassification review or equity adjustment (perms and terms)
  • Creating, classifying, and posting a new position (perms and terms)
  • Extending a term appointment
  • Making an offer outside the relevant salary range
  • Permanent change in standard hours or FTE

Actions that may be taken outside of the PREP process include:

  • Fast Track Faculty start-up or sponsor funded term positions, term extensions, and FTE changes for term positions (not including reclass and equity adjustments)
  • Salary offers within relevant range (perms and terms)
  • Temporary increases to FTE/Hours
  • Posting straight replacements for vacant existing, budgeted term and permanent positions
  • Hiring less than half time employees (LHTs)

PREP Guidance

  • All requests listed above that are 100% supported by: sponsored, research, faculty start-up funds or by endowment/restricted funds can be determined at the divisional level and do not require further approval. 
  • All add pay actions related to additional work (including, but not limited to, interim coverage pay) should be discussed and approved by the local administrative dean.
  • Per Scott Jordan, Dean for Administration and Finance, as of November 22, 2021, units can initiate and approve, in close collaboration with FAS HR:
  1. Vacant reposts for existing, budgeted time limited and permanent positions
  2. Less than half time employees (LHTs)
  • Since no additional approvals are required for any of the above, entry into PREP will not be required.

  • Additionally, positions (new or extended terms) that are 100% funded for the proposed term by sponsored dollars can be initiated and approved at the local level.
  • In an effort to expedite salary offers above the relevant range, please check with your HR consultant/recruiter and go to your Ad Dean for final approval. These can be entered into PREP on the back end for tracking and MEPA reporting.

PREP Steps

  1. FAS administrative deans (or equivalent leaders) will meet with their department leaders (e.g., executive directors, department administrators, hiring managers) to review all current requests specified above.
  2. For each request, a PREP request must be initiated in the Position Request Portal (PReP). Please visit the Aurora Knowledge Center for more information on using PREP as well as user guides.
  3. Administrative deans will review requests once they have been approved by FAS HR and Finance.
  4. The Dean of Administration and Finance will review all submitted requests on an ongoing basis and will determine which requests will be allowed to proceed.
  5. FAS HR will notify appropriate ad deans in writing regarding approvals, on an ongoing basis. Administrative deans will inform their department leaders of decisions made.

PREP Resources