FY22 Career Development Enrollment

Colleagues sharing ideas at a meeting, some individuals sitting and some standing.Cohort-based career development opportunities are available to FAS and Harvard staff on an annual basis. For FY22, these programs include:

  • Focused Leadership
  • Leadership in Action
  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Leadership Strategies for the Individual Contributor
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Universal Manager Training Program
  • FAS Staff Mentoring Program (launching later this fall)

All FY22 Programs will be virtual unless otherwise noted. Information on these programs, including eligiblity requirements and registration processes, can be found below.

FY22 Registration Process

Registration for all FY22 programs will take place via the Harvard Training Portal. Specific program registration links will be included in the Program Overviews below. Enrollment is first-come, first-served for all programs, and will require manager approval.

Space is limited, so please only register for one FY22 career development opportunity.

Overview of FY22 Programs

Universal Manager Training: a multiday program designed to give managers at Harvard everything they need to know and do in their role. Note: UMT is a prerequisite for some Harvard Leadership Development programs.

Focused Leadership: an intensive executive coaching program designed for high-performing senior managers (grade 60+) who will act as a catalyst for change.

Leadership in Action: a year-long program attended by high-performing mid-to senior level managers (grades 58+) who have demonstrated a readiness for self-reflection and stretching themselves in service of greater leadership capability and capacity. Foundations of Leadership: a five week leadership program for (exempt grades 56+) managers who are strong performers and who supervise at least one permanent staff member. Leadership Strategies for the Individual Contributor: designed for high-performing individual contributors (exempt grades 56-59) who embrace personal growth, teamwork, and organizational change.

Leadership Essentials: designed for high-performing support staff (up to grade 56) who have demonstrated maximum engagement with their role.

FAS Staff Mentoring Program: a year-long program that gives FAS staff the opportunity to connect and learn from one another. This program is currently scheduled to launch in fall, 2021. More information will be available on the FAS Staff Mentoring page.

Eligible FAS Staff Members

Overall, eligible FAS staff members for FY22 career development programs:

  • are in good standing in their roles
  • have been in their current role for a minimum of one year as of the start of the program
  • meet the grade and target audience guidelines (see program overviews)
  • have their manager’s support to participate in the program (manager support is required for participation; please have a conversation with your manager prior to enrollment)
  • are able to make the time commitment to complete the program in full

Individual programs may have additional eligibility requirements. Please review program-specific information as you make your professional development plans for FY22. You can also compare programs and eligibility requirements via the FY22 Career Development Opportunities Eligibility Table.

If you have questions about your eligibility for any of the FY22 programs, please reach out to hr_programs@fas.harvard.edu for more information. Your HR Consultant may also be able to help you determine the right program for you.

Keep in Mind

  • "Raise your hand" registration: While HHR and other Harvard schools use a nomination process to register for some of their programs, FAS staff are eligible to "raise their hand" and register, putting ownership of career development in the hands of staff members. Manager approval is required before registration can be finalized.
  • First-come, first-served: Eligible staff will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please keep in mind that FAS has limited slots and we will accommodate requests as best we can.
  • Waitlist: For HLDP, if a course is full you will not see the "enroll" button. To add your name to the waitlist, click the "show interest" text at the bottom of the page.
  • Pending approval: All enrollments are “pending approval” until eligibility has been checked.
  • Participation surveys: After enrolling, you will receive a short follow-up questionnaire. Please be sure to complete this questionnaire to complete your enrollment request.
  • Billing code: You will need a department billing code to register for HLDP. While the cost of these programs is covered centrally by the FAS, your department will be charged a fee if you drop out of the program close to the start date or if you miss several sessions.
  • Fall/Spring Sessions: Certain courses are run multiple times per year. Be sure to use the Harvard Training Portal to sign up for the desired cohort.

Help and Questions

If you have any questions about our programs for FY22, please contact Annie McGough at hr_programs@fas.harvard.edu or reach out to your HR Consultant.