As an FAS staff member, your work and interactions at the FAS are guided by FAS and University-wide policies, which operate alongside the personnel manual and union contracts. In addition, some policies apply specifically to faculty and instructors, and to researchers. 

If you are unsure which rules apply in a specific situation, please contact your HR Consultant. You can also report compliance issues via the Compliance Hotline.



  • Harvard's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Workplace Policies and FAQs FAS continues to look towards the University's guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and best workplace practices.
  • FAS Sexual And Gender-Based Harassment Policy and Procedures. The FAS Policy adopts and expands on the University Title IX Policy, and incorporates the University Procedures. Additional information on what to do if someone approaches you with a Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment disclosure is available here. You can find more information on Harvard's Title IX Office website.
  • FAS Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment. Each Center Executive Director and Local Development Officer shall at all times act in a manner consistent with their responsibilities to the University and shall exercise due care to avoid situations that create conflicts between their private interests and those of the University. To access the Acknowledgement and Disclosure Statement form click here.
  • Harvard's Discrimination Policy and Review Procedure. This policy relates to discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age, ancestry, veteran status, disability unrelated to job requirements, genetic information, military service, pregnancy, or any other legally protected basis. Such discrimination is unlawful and intolerable to the University.
  • Policy for the Safety and Protection of Minors. This University-wide policy includes guidelines for interactions with minors; the requirement to report any instance of suspected abuse or neglect of a minor; education for those who interact with minors and those who oversee programs for minors; and background screening for those in certain positions of responsibility for minors in University programs. More information on minors-related policies is available in the minors section below.

Policy Resources

For more information about policies and related resources:

  • Harvie: University-wide policies at a glance covering finance, information security, use of the Harvard name, union contracts, the personnel manual, and more.
  • Office of the Provost: A comprehensive list of University-wide policies.
  • Financial Policy Office: University-wide financial policies including accounting, payments, tax, travel, and reimbursement policies.
  • Office of the Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity and Equity: Policies related to diversity, inclusion, compliance, affirmative action, disability services, and gender equity.
  • Staff Personnel Manual: The Harvard University Personnel Manual provides general policy guidelines for employment, benefits, salary administration, and services available to staff members.
  • Temps and Less Than Half Time Employees: This document provides a summary and overview of the most recent modifications to the Policy Guidelines for hiring Temps and Less Than Half Time Employees.
  • Massachusetts Workplace Poster Requirements: Employers in Massachusetts are required to post the notices listed on the MA Workplace Poster Requirements page. This page is provided as a convenience, but may not be comprehensive.

Minors Policy-Related Resources and Contacts

Harvard University Youth Protection Officer:
Eliza  Brown (Interim)
(617) 496-5774

FAS Tub Sponsoring Officers (TSOs):

  • The College and Phillips Brooks House: Varsha Ghosh
  • Academic Department and Labs: Jennifer Shephard
  • Athletics: Duane Reeves
  • DCE: Rob Neugeboren      
  • FAS HR: Jennifer Callahan

FAS Specific Minors Background Screening Documents and Information (TSO and Program Administrator use only): Please find below documents and information for FAS TSOs and FAS Program Administrators to use to for those individuals that require background screening under the Harvard Policy for the Safety and Protection of Minors. 

  • Minors Policy Background Screening FAS Flow Chart: Overview of the process flow for Minors Background Screening.
  • CORI Acknowledgement Form (Minors policy): Program Administrators must provide the CORI Acknowledgment Form to those who have been identified as Responsible Adults, in their program, for completion.  Only those responsible adults staying overnight in dorms/houses OR working in a recreational camp are required to have a CORI as part of their required background screening. Program Administrators must submit the completed form to FAS Recruitment Services at recruitment@fas.harvard.edu.  This form must be submitted in order to initiate the CORI prior to commencing work in a youth-serving program at Harvard.  Note that Responsible Adults working for a vendor do not need to fill out this Form: under the Policy, vendors are responsible for screening their employees and certifying their compliance to the Program Administrator.
  • Minors Policy Background Screening FAS FAQ
  • Sample Emails (to be used by TSOs and / or Program Administrators for background screening communications): Included are sample email messages for the TSO and Program Administrators to send regarding the FAS background screening process.
  • Minors Policy Background Screening FAS Questionnaire (to be completed by Program Administrators at time of background screening request): Program Administrators must return this completed form along with the completed CORI Acknowledgment Form (if CORI is required) to FAS Talent Acquisition Services, talentacquisition@fas.harvard.edu. This form must be submitted in order to receive a required background screen prior to commencing work in a youth-serving program at Harvard. Note that Responsible Adults working for a vendor do not need to fill out this Form: under the Policy, vendors are responsible for screening their employees and certifying their compliance to the Program Administrator.