Your First 90 Days

Orientation and Review (O & R) Period

When a hiring manager makes a job offer and a job applicant accepts one, each of them does so with expectations about each other and about the job—but with no way of knowing whether their expectations are correct.  For this reason, the first 90 days (and in some cases, longer) is an orientation and review (O & R) period, sometimes referred to as the probationary period.

Staff members covered by the O & R Period:

  • All exempt and non-union, non-exempt new hires and transfers*
  • Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) staff who are new to Harvard or have any break in service**

* If a person is hired in a temporary or less than half-time position and that position is later converted into a regular benefited job of the same role, without an interruption in service, the applicable O & R Period will include prior credit for temporary or less than half-time service in that position. The new staff member would still be required to successfully complete the applicable O & R Period from the prior service credit date.

** If an HUCTW member transfers into another HUCTW position they are not subject to a new O & R Period but they must be in his/her current position for at least six months on the regular payroll and meeting current job standards to be eligible to transfer.

What the O & R Period means for you:

During this time, both you and your manager should consider and evaluate the suitability of your placement.  This period is a time for you to communicate with each other frequently regarding performance expectations.  If it appears that the placement is not suitable for any reason, either party may terminate the relationship, without needing to use Harvard's dispute resolution process.

Although Paid Time Off (vacation, personal and sick days) begins to accrue immediately upon hire, you are not eligible to take vacation or personal days during the orientation and review period except with the prior approval of your supervisor.  Sick pay is accrued at the rate of one day per month of completed service and may be used once accrued.