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Dean's Distinction recognizes a small number of exceptional staff members for their outstanding citizenship, collaboration, and exceptional contribution in support of the FAS teaching and research mission. Those who are nominated for Dean's Distinction should act with the highest integrity and serve as role models among staff.

Nominations for 2020 Dean's Distinction are now closed. The nomination period ran from Tuesday, October 29 to Friday, November 15.

Types of Nominations

  • Individual Dean's Distinction: A staff member can be nominated for Individual Dean's Distinction for his or her outstanding citizenship, collaboration, and exceptional contribution in 2019 in support of the teaching and research mission.
  • Team Dean's Distinction: Teams consisting of up to eight (and in some cases up to twelve*) staff members can be nominated for Team Dean's Distinction for their exceptional work, and for their outstanding collaboration and contribution in 2019.

*Please note, the maximum number of staff members that can be nominated for Team Dean’s Distinction is eight. However, exceptions can be made for up to twelve people if the circumstances call for it. If the team you are nominating is over eight, please explain why the team has additional members.

Eligibility Criteria for Staff

Eligible FAS staff members for the 2020 Dean’s Distinction are:

  • Benefits-eligible, full-time or part-time staff
  • Non-HUCTW and HUCTW staff
  • Hired into an FAS benefits-eligible position on or before 1/1/2019
  • Job grade levels:
    • 47 through 60 for Individual Dean's Distinction
    • 47 through 64 for Team Dean's Distinction
  • Less than Half Time (LHT) staff may be nominated as a member of a team (but not as an individual)

Please note: While previous Dean's Distinction nominees (from any year) are eligible to be nominated again this year, recipients of Individual Dean’s Distinction in 2018 or 2019 are not eligible to be nominated, unless they are being nominated for Team Dean's Distinction. Harvard retirees are not eligible.

Nomination Process: Keep in Mind

  • Our Dean’s Distinction recipients should be reflective of our diverse FAS staff. At the FAS, we are intentional about creating a community where diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) can thrive. We should look to reflect this same intentionality in our recognition of talented staff.
  • Similarly, please strongly consider individuals who have demonstrated excellence in creating and maintaining an environment where DIB can thrive, as this makes the FAS better prepared to serve our mission of excellence in teaching and research.
  • Nominees from all grade levels should be considered. This is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of support staff from across the FAS.
  • When describing the nominated staff member's/team's accomplishments in 2019, please explain why this individual or team meets the criteria for Dean’s Distinction, which is: outstanding citizenship, collaboration, and exceptional contribution in 2019.
  • Saving your nomination and word limit: Since the nomination form does not allow you to “save” your work, we suggest that you write your nomination narrative in a separate Word document, and then copy and paste the text into the online nomination form.  Please keep narratives to 3,000 characters or less, including spaces (about one full page in a Word document).
  • Nominating an FAS staff member or team from another FAS department: If you are nominating an individual or a team from a department other than yours, we encourage you to have a conversation with the nominee’s direct manager(s) to confirm that there is agreement for the nomination.
  • Submitting your nomination: After completing the nomination form, click "Submit" and you will see a confirmation notice.

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