Dean's Distinction

Dean's Distinction LogoFebruary 12, 2020

Dear Colleagues,
I am thrilled to announce our 2020 Dean's Distinction recipients! This award honors high achieving staff members, whose dedication and skillful collaboration meaningfully strengthened the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 2019. This year, we celebrate the accomplishments of thirty-eight individual honorees and four teams.
Our 2020 honorees have demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas including museum curation, finance, the arts, and athletics administration. They have collaborated across the FAS and the University to achieve exceptional goals, stretching their skills and tackling new challenges. They have created new programs that have fostered students’ well-being, advanced teaching and research, and strengthened diversity and inclusion efforts. They also found new ways to share information and resources and otherwise enhanced our FAS community. Whether by guiding colleagues through complicated processes, maintaining our buildings, supporting veterans on campus, or helping to create and sustain the enthusiasm and dedication that are hallmarks of strong FAS departments, this year’s recipients have inspired and motivated their colleagues. Our honorees embody the characteristics we celebrate through this recognition. 

This year, four outstanding teams were selected. Each team demonstrated the remarkable ability to collaborate and make progress in areas that are institutional priorities. These teams developed a new program connecting Harvard athletes to students at local schools in order to foster a love of reading; revitalized the College’s online presence to highlight our commitment to a world-class education while also supporting web accessibility; saved museum exhibits that otherwise would have been damaged; and organized the first ever all-class service day for all first year students, spanning sixty-four different locations across Massachusetts and including over one hundred staff leaders.

Learning about the achievements of this year's recipients, I was not only inspired by their accomplishments; I was impressed by their ingenuity, compassion, and dedication to the FAS. I am truly grateful to each of this year's recipients for the positive impact they have made on our community.
Please join me in congratulating the individuals listed below.

Claudine Gay
Edgerley Family Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Wilbur A. Cowett Professor of Government and of African and African American Studies


Dean's Distinction 2020 Recipients
Lauren Bauschard, Department of English
Emily Bowman, Department of the History of Science
Daniel Caunt, FAS Research Computing
Evren Celimli, Office of Physical Resources and Planning
Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Harvard College Office of Undergraduate Education
Sheryl Chen, Theater, Dance and Media
Lenia Constantinou, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Meghan Correa, Informatics and Scientific Applications, Science Division
Kathleen Daly, FAS Office of Finance
Lauren Diamond, FAS Registrar's Office
Barbara Drauschke, Department of Physics
Christian Flynn, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Zoë Fonseca-Kelly, Office of the Dean of Science
Gretchen Gingo, Harvard University Information Technology
Giselle Grenier, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Lori Groscost, Harvard College Office of Undergraduate Education
Kathleen Hoover, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
Kateri Howard, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Robin Ketterer, FAS Human Resources
Bridget Kraynik, Arts and Humanities Administrative Services
Christopher Kruegler, Office of the Dean of Social Science
Andrea Lapointe, Department of Athletics
Jennifer Lech, FAS Research Administration Services
Christopher Looby, Harvard College Admissions and Financial Aid
Jeffrey Luecke, Division of Continuing Education
Monnikue McCall, Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History
Joshua Mejia, Department of History
Elizabeth Musser, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Jennifer Nickerson, Department of History
Seren Ozkan, Harvard College Dean of Students Office
Adrienne Phelps-Coco, Division of Continuing Education
Jennifer Poulsen, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Ganna Savostyanova, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Deidra Scott, Instructional Media Services
Cheryl Spencer, FAS Registrar's Office
Theresa Sullivan, Harvard College Observatory
Breda Zimkus, Museum of Comparative Zoology
Amy Zou, Rowland Institute at Harvard
Class of 2023 Service Day Planning Team
Alicia Anstead, Office for the Arts at Harvard
Pedro De Abreu, Center for Public Service & Engaged Scholarship
Brandon Geller, Harvard Office for Sustainability
Varsha Ghosh, Center for Public Service & Engaged Scholarship
Maria Dominguez Gray, Phillips Brooks House Association
David Harris, Harvard Transportation Services
Travis Lovett, Center for Public Service & Engaged Scholarship
Jason Luke, Harvard Energy and Facilities
Crista Martin, Harvard University Dining Services
James Monahan, Harvard Transportation Services
John Pelletier, Harvard Transportation Services
Thalia Ramirez, Phillips Brooks House Association
Alysha Johnson Williams, Center for Public Service & Engaged Scholarship
Harvard College Website Redesign Team
Christine Boehler, FAS Office of Communications
Jillian Casey, FAS Office of Communications
Victoria Marzilli, Harvard College Admissions and Financial Aid
Alixandra Nozzolillo, FAS Office of Communications
Harvard Crimson Reading Program
Jeffrey Botwick, Department of Athletics
Nicholas Mello, Department of Athletics
Moth Mitigation Team
Cassy Cutulle, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
David DeBono Schafer, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Molly Richmond, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Matthew Vigneau, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology