Inclusive Culture

Creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace allows employees from all backgrounds and walks of life to achieve their fullest potential. An inclusive culture is one that accepts, values and views as strength the difference we all bring to the table. FAS is committed to cultivating not only the diversity of our faculty, staff, and students but also in developing an inclusive culture that is vibrant, engaging and encouraging of innovation as well as intellectual debate.

To that end FAS HR hosts the Diversity Dialogue Series, a forum for conversation, networking and awareness building regarding various dimensions of diversity. These Dialogues are open to all in the FAS and to the Harvard community at large. At these Dialogues, employees are able to learn from experts in the field about such areas as unintended bias, cultural competency, and being an active bystander. The information raises awareness and helps staff and managers to develop competencies in these areas.

As an outgrowth of our Diversity Dialogue series, we host a Diversity Summer Panel each summer that addresses some topic of diversity. Panelists provide their perspectives on various issues and staff members are able to ask questions and interact with the panelists to learn more about the dimension of diversity in focus. We believe that these two efforts are integral to maintaining an inclusive culture in the FAS and we encourage all to participate in these offerings.

Articles relating to Inclusivity:

  • How to Be an Inclusive Leader Through a Crisis (Harvard Business Review, 2020):  HBR Article

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