Universal Manager Training

Managers at all levels play a critical role in creating and upholding a positive workplace environment at Harvard and key contributors to employee engagement as well.

Universal Manager Training (UMT) will train managers on the essential knowledge and skills needed to serve in their role as managers at Harvard. Topics of focus include:

  • Compliance with employment laws like FMLA and Title IX
  • Harvard employment policies like medical leaves and reasonable accommodations
  • Skills and knowledge related to creating an environment that is safe, productive and diverse
  • Key interpersonal skills needed to manage people well (such as providing feedback, effective delegation and coaching)

All Harvard managers (with at least one benefits-eligible direct report) are required to take UMT. Enrollment for UMT is always available via the Harvard Training Portal.

Information about enrollment in UMT can be found on HARVie. Questions can be directed to HR_Programs@fas.harvard.edu.