What to Expect

While mentoring is a personal experience, molded to fit the needs and abilities of the individuals who make up each mentoring ring, here are some common understandings and FAS Staff Mentoring Program features that create a foundation for successful mentoring:

  • Understand your roles. Mentees are encouraged to discuss their goals, seek different perspectives, and accept responsibility for their own development. Mentors are encouraged to listen, support growth, and share expertise and referrals when appropriate. Mentors should be available for consultation about challenges or problems and help mentees gain confidence and expand their professional network.
  • Mutual trust. Mentoring rings should clarify how confidential matters will be handled. The mentoring relationship requires mutual trust, acceptance, and respect.
  • Frequency of meetings. Design a calendar of meetings at least monthly, based on schedules and needs. Decide whether members of the mentoring ring can be called upon at any time, or whether discussions will be reserved for scheduled meetings.
  • Duration of relationship. The Mentoring Program sponsors mentoring rings for a full academic year. There is a “no-fault” option for any participant who wishes to discontinue at any time. After the sponsored period, mentoring rings are encouraged to continue their mentoring partnerships on an informal basis.
  • Budget. Each mentoring ring will receive a stipend to support regular get-togethers.