Resources for Managers and Staff

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding performance management, please reach out to your HR Consultant or your manager for guidance.

Additional information and resources are also available below.

Performance Management Resources for Managers and Staff

Remote Performance Management

With many FAS staff members navigating a new remote and/or hybrid landscape, managers may need additional support in managing performance from a distance. Below are some resources that can help managers lead virtually and staff members successfully telework:

Additional resources on telework can be found on the Remote and Flexwork page.

Spot Coaching

Managers recognize the need for regular coaching and they understand why coaching is important. That much we know. What we’ve experienced, however, is that managers struggle between this cognitive understanding and the widespread ability to translate it into ongoing behavior. Managers know they need to coach “for performance.” The question is, how to do this. We think spot coaching may be able to help us with this.  

  • Ongoing coaching plays a key role in performance management and is critical to having meaningful conversations throughout the year.
  • Click below to listen to the 8-minute podcast on spot coaching.
  • Spot coaching will help managers to integrate coaching into their ongoing interactions with staff and it will help staff maximize the benefits of in-the-moment coaching.

Performance Management Webinar

Additional Resources on Performance Management

Online Resources

  • Coaching as Conversation: a Guide for Managers helps managers navigate coaching conversations, including how to have ongoing coaching conversations, ways to start conversation, and offering constructive criticism.
  • Owning Your Own Performance Management: a Guide for Staff  provides guidance to staff on how they can take an active role in their own performance management, including asking for feedback and embracing a growth mindset.
  • Compassionate Directness: an online video series that explores the art of effective, compassionate communication and provides tools to be a more thoughtful, direct communicator.
  • Making Feedback Work: an online video tutorial that provides practical advice on giving performance feedback.
  • Feedback Essentials: this Harvard ManageMentor online self-paced course covers how to give effective positive or critical feedback and more.
  • Providing Feedback: an online tutorial on how to give feedback to both peers and those who you manage.

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