Roles and Responsibilities


  • Review job description.
  • Meet with manager to review and align on individual job goals.


  • Clearly articulate job responsibilities and expectations and schedule meeting times
  • Establish goals with your new staff member.
  • Schedule regular check-in meetings with your new staff member in addition to the formal check-in meeting which occurs during the first 45 to 60 days of employment.
  • If the new staff member is failing to meet initial job expectations, or if there are questions as to whether the employee will be successful within FAS, you should discuss any concerns with your new employee.  Please reach out to your HR Consultant for guidance in this situation.
  • At the end of the O & R Period, complete the O & R Period Form in PeopleSoft.

HR Consultant

  • Check with manager and new staff member to make sure that they understand their roles during the O & R Period.
  • Be available to both the manager and the new staff member for questions and for guidance.

Note: If the manager requests an extension of the O & R Period for an HUCTW employee, the extension must be reviewed by the HUCTW representative.  Please contact your HR Consultant to discuss any O & R Period extensions.